J.K. Jones
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Spiritual Formation


God the Holy Spirit takes the initiative
Through various means
In cooperation with our response
Changes us to look like Jesus
In order to serve others
To the glory of God.


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My new book is out!

The world at its worst needs the Church at its best. Is the Church healthy and fruitful today? What needs to happen for the Church to really be the World-changing, divine fellowship God intended? The Church doesn't need more programs. Increased busyness is not the answer. What's needed is a rediscovery of the balance between personal piety and community charity, of love of God and love of neighbor. This book is about change. A Missing Discipleship seeks to examine seven large questions relating to discovering a biblical form of monasticism: • Why the call to remonk the Church? Does it matter? • What objections are there to this call? • What exactly is Christian monasticism? • Could the monks and nuns prove to be exceptional mentors for our contemporary faith? • What are some of the tools available for remonking the Church? • What timeless gifts does monasticism offer? • How does this kind of ongoing formation occur?

Latest Posts

  • No one follows closely to God for very long alone.
  • I'm drawn to Jesus, like a piece of metal drawn to a large magnet.
  • If Christ is going to dwell in our hearts, we need to cooperate w/ Him as He moves the furniture around.
  • The incredible love of God has a way of recalculating our life's direction.